Russ thoughts
Christmas Humbugs (tongue in cheek)

They come  out every year about this time. 

They lay in wait all year, storing up their venom and energy, for the coming of December.

What or what am I talking about? 

The Christmas Humbugs. You can spot them by their dour appearance, self righteous conversation and a certain spiritual odor reminding one of something like pickle juice and sauerkraut.

While the most of our beloved  country sets this month apart to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior, discusses spiritual topics, turns its heart toward good deeds and giving gifts- while opening it’s heart to the reality of God, the Christmas Humbugs set out to spoil the celebration. Unable to take the good with the inevitable excesses, they take it upon themselves to bring “the truth” to us unfortunate and  ”deluded celebrators.” 

Well, to the Christmas Humbugs I say: Humbug to you!!

I know that December 25th may not have been the “actual” date of His birth. I understand that much of Christmas is commercialized. Yes, I “get it” that there is evil and injustice in the world. And, yes I know about Saturnalia. 

But I choose to celebrate. Just like Jesus. He knew how celebrate.

Jesus went to parties. He had fun. He celebrated with His family and friends the Jewish national days and weeks of feasting and remembrance-designed to bring them closer to God and each other.

Please understand, Christmas Humbuggers, I see your points. I have heard your arguments. I reject them.  I believe that cynicism is the easy path, condemnation and pessimism are self defeating. 

I choose to build upon the good that is found in December. At no other time are people more open to the presence of God, the healing of families, and the reality that Jesus is Lord. I choose to embrace Hope, laughter, Grace and Love.

All precious gifts from God.

And you know what? I even love Christmas Humbugs. I hope they can love me, too.

Merry Christmas to all.